Do you manage projects either at home or at work? Do you find it difficult to get things done in a simple, practical, and effective way? Are you new to project management and having trouble determining where you should begin?

Well then, you have come to the right place! Through this blog, I will share my experiences and the simple tips I have learned to getting things done both at work and at home.

Latest from the Blog

Wrapping Up the Work Week (TGIF!)

How you spend the last few hours of your work week just may have the biggest impact on your success! Here are some tips to help you (and your teams) get organized and stay focused as you wrap up the week.

Learning to Delegate

As we start off 2017, I like to think about where I want to develop in the upcoming year. Delegation is a skill where I do not have much practice. But I have a few ideas about how to do it successfully and why it will likely create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Problem Solving to Find the Root Cause

How does root cause problem solving and the 5 Whys tool apply to your role as a project manager? I find that if I’m not asking questions as a project manager, I’m solving problems. And most of the time, one leads to the other. Read on to see how you can apply this thinking across your work as a project manager.