Using Outlook to Help Keep Yourself Organized

In the work environment, I have found that using very simple functions in Outlook help to keep me on track, which in turn ensures that others stay on track, as well. Check out this post, which outlines the five things I do to keep myself organized in Outlook.

Creating a Sense of Urgency

Project owners have a lot of skin in the game to get things done. Many times they are self-motivated, but other times, they do not seem to have a sense of urgency to get things done. Here are some ways you can help create a sense of urgency so that the project remains on task and on schedule.

Five Tips for Better Risk Management

Active risk management is an important part of your role as a project manager. So keep your eye on the project charter and create a safe environment for your team members to come to you early and often if they see any risks to success. Here are some tips to help you manage risks like a pro!

The Art of Having Fun

You have heard it before – you are at work for so much of your life, so you better enjoy it! And I would go one step further and say that you better have fun! Read on to learn what steps you can take to have the right kind of fun at work.

Managing Your and Others’ To Do Lists

I find myself surrounded by lists — to do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, invite lists. As my to do lists get longer and longer, I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed — not knowing where to start and/or not feeling like I have made a dent in anything. Read on to learn about my very basic steps to developing and managing your lists!

Defining Your Role as the Project Manager

More than once, I have sat down with project or workstream leaders, ready to talk about what they need to do to get the project from start to finish, and the team member stares at me blankly and expects me to know all of the answers. Here are some tips you can use to clarify your role as the project manager and make sure everyone is clear on who owns what.

Asking Basic Questions to Become More Effective

If you are assigned to a project where the subject matter is totally new, to truly be an effective project manager, you need to rewind the conversation and ask your team some really basic questions. As Michael Scott said, “Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m five?”