Problem Solving to Find the Root Cause

How does root cause problem solving and the 5 Whys tool apply to your role as a project manager? I find that if I’m not asking questions as a project manager, I’m solving problems. And most of the time, one leads to the other. Read on to see how you can apply this thinking across your work as a project manager.

Five Tips for Better Risk Management

Active risk management is an important part of your role as a project manager. So keep your eye on the project charter and create a safe environment for your team members to come to you early and often if they see any risks to success. Here are some tips to help you manage risks like a pro!

Asking Basic Questions to Become More Effective

If you are assigned to a project where the subject matter is totally new, to truly be an effective project manager, you need to rewind the conversation and ask your team some really basic questions. As Michael Scott said, “Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m five?”

Adjusting Your Working Style for Different Stakeholders

One of the best skills you can have as a professional is to be able to adjust your working style to enhance the interactions you have with others. Check out some questions you should be asking about yourself and your team to optimize everyone’s style.

(Re)Organizing Project Management Processes and Tools

The start of a new year is a good time to think about what project management processes and tools you have in place for each of your projects, and whether you need to start, stop, continue, and/or tweak them to ensure that 2016 is as efficient and effective as it can be. Read on to see how you should plan this important team pulse check!