How to Change Behavior

Change is really the only thing you can depend on – change in technology, in process, in leadership, in strategy, in priorities. Shifting behavior in support of those changes is easier said than done. Check out what questions I suggest you ask yourself and your stakeholders to help incite behavior change.

The Art of Having Fun

You have heard it before – you are at work for so much of your life, so you better enjoy it! And I would go one step further and say that you better have fun! Read on to learn what steps you can take to have the right kind of fun at work.

The Art of Interrupting

Your role as a project manager is to keep everyone on task in meetings and just in general as you move toward your goals. So it should actually be expected that you will need to (politely) interrupt people from time to time. Read on to see tips on how you can master the art of interrupting!